My days at the ICF training in Melbourne

A few weeks ago I spent 5 days attending the YB12 Academy ICF accredited Life Coaching Training Course. It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. The presenter of the course Rachel Lauren Wade, made the five days fly past us as she ensured we were fully engaged with the material. Our group of individuals came together and formed a strong bond as we shared our coaching sessions, worries and successes.

ICF is one of a number of Organisations representing the Professionalism and Purpose of the Coaching Community. The ICF is by far the largest of these organisations and that is why it has been chosen by YB12 as the premier Association.

There are three levels of Coaching Accreditation standards administered by the ICF. The Accredited Credentialed Coach (ACC) which I am attempting to gain is the first level. Then there is the PCC or Professional Credentialed Coach and Final the MCC or Master Credentialed Coach. Each of these coaching levels are required to submit Practical and Theory Assessments as well as ongoing Professional Development.

I am now in the last stages of completing studies having complete the required 100 hours of practical coaching with clients and the 60 hours of training, mentoring and tutoring. My last task is to complete the online examination which I am about to attempt this month.

Because of the training and the riggor around both the training and the examination process, I would most certainly recommend an ICF trained Coach to any individual or business. 

David CairnsComment