Taking Shape with Sum Sanos™

No Pills, No Potions, No Diets. A real alternative to Weight Management Surgery.


 Sum Sanos™ is a scientifically-based program designed to help clients achieve long-term weight management and wellness. Without invasive surgical procedures.

Sum Sanos™ is the integration of two major elements:

  1. The latest habit based methodologies - and first of its kind - backed by rigorous scientific research and evidence

  2. The key elements of a highly successful global coaching program built on a sound psychological principles, delivered by International Coaching Federation Credentialed Coach David Cairns.

Sum Sanos™ is not about strenuous exercise, restrictive diets, challenges or pills.

Sum Sanos™ means "I Am Healthy" in latin, it becomes an affirmation as well as a health program.

Thank you for your enquiry about Sum Sanos™ Weight Management Program. We are totally excited about this program and look forward to talking to you about it. Taking shape of your weight management has never been easier using Sum Sanos™ habit based intervention methodology.

Gain back the lifestyle you thought you had lost!

Hundreds of people globally have taken up the Sum Sanos™ program to create the type of life style they wish for themselves, without the social issues of obesity, diabetes and many more social illnesses.

There's no question that Sum Sanos™ is an evidence-based program of substance with a proven formula to ensure clients achieve clinically beneficial outcomes. 

There’s nothing on the market comparable to this level of scientific rigour and support.

Whilst the program is principally focused on successful weight management, anyone embracing the methodologies within Sum Sanos™ can transfer the new knowledge to other areas of their lives, including but not limited to: general wellbeing, fitness, healthy lifestyle, confidence, smoking cessation, self-care, productivity... the possibilities are endless. This is what Sum Sanos™ is all about. 

Become a Sum Sanos™ Client

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