A small mountain stream in the Pennines UK.

A small mountain stream in the Pennines UK.

Sum Sanos

Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions
— Albert Einstein

YB12 Coach introduces Sum Sanos our Habit Based Intervention Wellness program. The interest in this program has been building worldwide and it is not at all surprising.

Most people who are looking to make healthy change decisions are fed up with pills, potions and quick fixes. People are looking for CHANGE and change that lasts long term. Sum Sanos is an evidence based, scientifically proven program using the proven methods of habit change along side a coaching and accountability program.

Habit based interventions can lead to more balanced life choices, reduced stress, achievement of goals, healthier lifestyle and clearer decision making.

I offer a FREE one hour discussion so you can better understand Sum Sanos Coaching is right for you.

Call me, David Cairns, on 021 2030 242 or click on the link below to learn more about habit based interventions for weight loss.