Blue Slate Hills of the English Midlands

Blue Slate Hills of the English Midlands

Quantum Leap Platinum

The Premier Quantum Leap program is called Quantum Leap Platinum. This program runs for 48 weeks, with a maximum of weekly interactions, and is designed to achieve three clear goals;

  1. Strategy Implementation

  2. Empowerment of Employees

  3. Results focused activities.

Strategy development process uses the Quantum Leap Business Growth Planning tool to guide your thinking and challenge you to establish the businesses over arching g and major focus. The comprehensive nature of the tool provides you with a set of benchmarks for performance. It also recognises that with increased productivity also comes challenges which must be foreseen and planned for if you are to avoid stop start growth patterns. Key Performance indicators are established and monitored to ensure the strategy is providing the required return.

Now that the overall vision and focus for your business has been established, it is time to engage with your staff. Empowering staff to develop and implement their own strategies, using the overall business focus as a guide, means that they are far more engaged, feel empowered to act and feel part of the business.

The Quantum Leap Platinum program empowers People to Win, not just in their business lives but in the everyday life as well. Empowered staff are more motivated, confident, emotionally capable,and all in all become great employees. Platinum achieves immediate increases in productivity, reduced instances of procrastination and increased results.

Quantum Leap Platinum is all about gaining the results you expect from your business. When you decide on a strategy you expect to see the results of your efforts. Quantum Leap Platinum, not only focuses on results but holds executive teams and individuals accountable for achieving those results.

The Quantum Leap Platinum is designed for the participation of an executive team or the entire workforce.

Imagine if every person in your company was fully aware of your corporate goals, they were truely engaged and empowered to act within your business and had a singleminded focus on achieving results; how powerful would that be?

This program is registered for NZTE & Regional Development Funding

To learn more please contact David on 021 203 0242 or follow the link to make an appointment.