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Staff Engagement programs, Executive Development.

Sum Sanos; Habit-Intervention Coaching.

Quantum Leap Business Advisor

I am a Quantum Leap Business Advisor, I can help you increase your sales, put more profit in your pocket and get your time back. 

Your business is doing OK, but you feel you could make some improvements and grow your business to its full potential.

Ask me to deliver a FREE 50 minute Keynote presentation that will help you to reduce business failure, beat procrastination and increase productivity.

Regional Development Funding may be available to you.

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YB12 Coach: Personal Development

You feel your career or your life is coming to a crossroads, or you are unsure, maybe confused and bewildered by your current situation and what any future path may hold for you.

You worry about the future and feel that this is affecting your home and work life.  Setting goals and achieving them used to be so easy and you want to be able to set meaningful targets for yourself.

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Sum Sanos™ Weight Management Coach

It is time to take charge of your own health. You have tried to reduce your weight and get healthy, but long term nothing really works.

Sum Sanos™ is Habit Based Intervention coaching. A 12 month coaching program designed to break old habits and replace them with new healthy ones at the same time.

Clinical Trials taken under research conditions have proven that this is the only proven long term weight loss methodology.Reduce weight and keep it off, improve your lifestyle and regain your health.

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Business Advisor

Previous Image of Mt Everest from Tibetan Autonomous Region of China. This image of Rift Valley Swaziland.

Previous Image of Mt Everest from Tibetan Autonomous Region of China. This image of Rift Valley Swaziland.

Quantum Leap

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Quantum Leap is the name YB12 has given to the two business advisor programs offered under the Quantum Leap Business Advisors Consultancy program. These programs are focused on small to medium businesses that employ between 5 and 50 staff and/or have a turnover of up to $7million.

The programs are substantial and offer many breakthrough opportunities for Business Owners.

The first program is designed to assist these businesses achieve growth targets of 50% or more. This does take some work by the business owners or managers, but the program is based on low cost or no cost strategies that can be easily implemented in your business quickly and effiecently. This program contains 12 sessions in 3 major groupings, 1) Planning; 2)Growth; 3) Consolidation

The second program is called Quantum Leap Platinum. This program is about three key things:

  1. Strategy
  2. Empowerment
  3. Results

The program runs for 48 weeks and is designed to achieve the three goals above, 1) To design and Implement a core strategy to assist the business to reach its growth or performance targets; 2) to empower employees and the business leaders to make decisions and to become fully engaged in the business; 3) to ensure there is a culture of implementation so that the business can and does achieve the targets that have been set. The Quantum Leap Platinum is designed for the participation of an executive team or the entire workforce.

Benefits of both Quantum Leap programs include increased staff productivity, higher levels of staff engagement, refinement and/or development of systems and processes, increased profitability and reduced time stress in your business.

To learn more about Quantum Leap and what these programs can do for your business, book a FREE Keynote presentation with me today.

Sum Sanos

Habit-Intervention Coaching

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Sum Sanos

A 12-session Weight Loss and Life Transformation Program using Sound Psychological Based Principles and Scientific Evidence On Habit-Based Intervention to ensure efficacy.


Executive Coaching

Previous image Kyrgyzstan mountains, This image Lake Windermere UK.

Previous image Kyrgyzstan mountains, This image Lake Windermere UK.

Personal Development

Personal development is a life long process, starting with a formal education and continuing well into executive or work life, with emotional intelligence and leadership skills. Leadership includes developing your own personal thinking, discovering who you are and more importantly better understanding where you want to go and why that is important to you.

Understanding what drives you assists you to define and develop your career, accept the way the world is and how you can navigate your way through the mindfields of change. With our world changing constantly and very quickly it is sometimes difficult for us to keep up the pace. This in turn can lead to stress and anxiety as we juggle the daily activities of our lives.

I will work with you over 12 sessions to assist you to achieve your goals, learn to think in different ways and above the crowd to accept or change the reality of your personal situation. This Personal development program also includes mindfulness training.

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